Jai Siddhatma!

I greet you free and victorious divine soul from all suffering –

I am Carolina Hollefeld, the spiritual name is UMA, my spiritual Astral quality and value is, free soul walk and dancer of the sky, Dakini = Sanziana = Muse

I am the practical therapist of pranayama Yoga and cosmic Medicine, everything is about the load on the Soul, the spiritual engine of the guide and the physical body reincarnation.

I am now in Germany, but I intend to return to the country in due course. I was a sportswoman in Bacau – Liga 1-2 Handball and football, Hoby Karatedo Shotokan (green belt), I love life, music, dancing honesty, fairness and discipline, that does not mean that I did not wrong, all I wrong to know them , then to be able to transform them, a work of priests, politicians and philosophers for thousands of years, „it was“ . „TODAY Life Goes only forward, what is spoken is thought, and then the idea is put into practice , thought, understood and developed,“ said Plato. This transformation leads us to „education and self-confidence“, within the sacral energy it is necessary to change, have we forgotten what we are, how do we come, why do we come and Where do we go before? or are we still spinning in the middle of a swirling wave? we’d better watch the one that was and look at us in all 6 parts.

Practical spirituality since 2005, I have the soul realized that is, reached the free mood, Goddess Kundalini SHAKTI United everything with the three powers in me, she is awake dances, moves in all 6 directions watches, protects and is united with the Infinite. We are all in the universe-God and in nature, in water, in air and light, and the universe – God is with us and they are in us.

It is difficult for us sometimes, at a single angle, to turn our eyes , to approach ourselves or ourselves with gratitude towards all that is offered to us and what surrounds us, what we think, what we speak, what we do and how we do “ the intention“

– I’m here to help you understand the Spiral, The Mirror, patience, consciousness. The qualities of my soul and consciousness are to help man to cleanse the carmic energies, to raise the helpless soul that is still on Earth, will be raised to its place in the Astral House, for rest and regeneration in the light, when it allows me Karma-the magnetic bond.
I returned to the world and for the child, parents, brothers and sisters, who will feel me will be the relative with me, will be a new and clean dough, from the range of planetary radiation of cosmic, geometric and solar space.
The sacred energy of the mother of the Earth and of the sky, of its waters and rocks, here begins the work of your temple or pyramid, on which electromagnetic field stone you sit, What mind you attract and with whom you embrace – the next generation will be the effect and attraction of the Karma, left by us parents.

I help man to understand and perceive the awakening, the blessing, and the upliftment of the blessed soul to the Spirit, and I bring the good news, „let the spirit descend to the heart and Sacral, that he may raise his soul to the state of the blessed soul consciousness.
The cosmic egg is brought to a fluid state by The Divine Agni Kundalini fire, magnetic flowing wind on the meridian channel, greasy and fragrant over the entire ether body, a glossy Prana robe filled on the inside and outside.

The spirit becomes consciousness descends and the soul and raises it, unite and befriend platonically both through divine love, „where love is not, nothing is“ – the arrived have the mastery of the senses and the Trinity, mission accomplished, soul victory!

Seven years I was withdrawn into inner contemplation „observation 24 hours of 24 hours“, I followed the path of the heart, the spiritual and enlightened master Jesus Emanuel of Nazareth I carried in thought and deed. When I turned outward again with my face, to love the soul and consciousness of Man, I was blessed with the wings of the“ God of lightning and oceans “ with the wings of Archangels and cherubs he was gifted, but stingy and unconscious.

These Wings accompany me all over the universe, I am the daughter of God, – with many sides, angles and heads, nothing is tied in me, godlike instruments are everywhere in our midst, I am The Tree of consciousness the adornment of my blessed soul, Kundalini adorns my soul and mind with warm splashes of joy through quiet and active meditation, is consciousness.

They help us to achieve happy eternity – “ to be a good means of learning good, Ethik and Moral“

When Dakini descends and sits on the ground, it infuses into the ground in the three roots „Ida – Pingla and Sushumna“ -blessed by the one who invites the Dakini in their midst. Kechara/Air Paradise Land is her Pur Haus – Dakini Vajrayogini is tantric spirit beings and moves “Mahayana“ the big Love Vehikel Protector!

– Her throne is not on a chair of gold, bronze or silver, she is Star with roots ever ywhere in the magnetic fields everywhere.

She takes forms of angel and Spirit unseen, but felt-Energy mother of the domestic Earth, such as the Holy Cow-which brings food to the child, – and the energy of the Holy elephant-which brings peace, protection and joy to the child, with the proboscis raises the soul, and pain tramples it, shakes it and the Karma turns it into nothing, It can also take wild forms such as Lion- Tiger, and many others

I am both man and spirit fulfilled, it is my discovery, through my experiences, experiences and development in personal spiritual evolution, everything has been a long process.
This school will also help you to discover yourself – to know angles from which you can be seen and heard, stay under the attention and observation of the inner voice. The spiritual engine will be the way and the Angel who was given to follow you step by step on this planet „to be in the center and in the middle of joy“ …. Thank Heaven and Earth for taking care of everything,

Stars are sensitive to pleasure and inclination, they find it difficult to understand life and school on this Earth. The whole cosmological engine has Plasma and free souls, they are full of love, they can charge eternally energetically from their Astral place, but many spirits are well embedded in matter and keep their soul arrested, attached, hooked, drugged, alchool, or sold to the spirit of the lower matter in the depths. Matter is good but to the extent necessary, greed will take the mind in another direction and the soul will feel alone.

You are here to regain consciousness and gratitude,to know your guide, to get up, to get down, to give up, then to fly, to know the beautiful, meditation, joy and understanding. I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH SPIRITISM – I AM LIVING ENERGY AND LIGHT –