About spirituality and Balance:

Spirituality is sacred and has infinite forms of Love, seen and unseen. Conscious love is your new transformation, until you reach absolute infinite love. It involves meditation, concentration, attention and observation 24 out of 24 hours. philosophie_2Spiritaulity leads you to the total transformation of kundalini energy, to the liberation of the total soul from Karma and the fate that was unfulfilled to you.It leads you to self-fulfillment, it leads you to the Enlightenment of the mind and the realization of the victorious free soul of attachments, sufferings and limits. You alone through spiritual practices make your way free, the empty mirror with bright reflections of the spirit, the empty glass in the desire of the heart, and everything, to once reach the deity, in Nirvana!
It’s not as if you’ve put your finger in the water and it’s ready, you know, but you know, as you have experienced, self-conscious and you live for that feeling, you know, it’s wet, hot, cold , hot, or your ice maker, the stranger to love, but it’s on the course of the experience and the feeling you’ll knock the wind will carry, and draws the intelligence, instincts, confusion, intuition, emotion, insight, thoughts, and charges. The wind blows from all corners of the world and is full of Luminous Bodies, full of dimensional way with drops of substances that can be poisonous, toxic or healing, charged carmic energy at small scale, large, high, low , or celestial bodies at multidimensional scale. The Platonic school helps you reach the unknown point in the sacred geometry of the middle and the Master Master of Balance. You want to get to the light of the soul to the eye three vision and to the water without mistake sin. You want liberation of the soul and elimination of negative thoughts.philosophie_1
Welcome, me and the universe hug you dearly, together we will take the shortest path of diving inside.

Our platonic school helps you to learn spiritual practice, it will help you when you are ingratiated and disoriented, you want to develop your personality, you are at a crossroads where you alone can not make decision and decision, or, you do not know how to get out of the point where you turn carmic. Chakras and sacred platonic geometry will unite you with sacred fire the divine fruitful egg of consciousness, he Fire will direct you a conscious orientation, mastery and development of the 5-6-7-12 senses.

Here you learn the way to the spirituality of 100% love, to reach the creation of love. First of all we begin with ourselves, we learn to love each other and integrate the divine love or the spirit guide within the heart ,so that we too can become as good creators , hardworking and disciplined, to resemble the good creator.
The school has a rich special teaching and contemplation from different lessons and spiritual places, we wanted to include everything that is good in transformation.
– platonic from thought and“ Logos “ translated is: the word, from ancient Greek Plato and Pythagoras, we allow and accept the conscious change, that is, the idea, the thought and the word are one-the intention
– from The Hindu philosophy „Tantra“, translated the word from Sanskrit is the stretching of the connective and biological tissue without interruption, the Union and flow of energy points, magnetites and crystals on the meridians, weakness and strength brought to the zero state,“ one to be “ – „Mantra“ the word translated from Sanskrit is the tool of thought
– from the practice of Jainism-memory – we remember what we are
From the manual „light of Pranayama“ we learn the breathing exercises, how we balance the energy channels to reach the great Atman soul and the orientation of kundalini energy towards the cosmic space of the self – practices and methods from the book written by Master Yogin B. K. S. Iyengarphilosophie_3
– Vajrayana practices: „Tara Shakti compassion – – here we have two wonderful branches of Tibetan Buddhist theologian practice namely: we learn how to practice Love In The Mystery of oneself, it is called the Hynaiana way „the little way“ and the second way is the Mahayana Way“ Love on the longest way of Infinity “ – on the wings of the wind
We learn to bring the thought of the spirit to zero resistance, so we will reach the crown of the Chakras the star vehicle or The Tree of knowledge with the 12 branches, which can be ideas or 1000 ideas, will be intuitive and inspired by love. Ideas come from Supreme Consciousness through the mind, hands and feet.

Thai Mantra courses-massages and energy therapies are closely related to the spiritual practice of the Platonic school.
Meditation belongs to the soul, contemplation belongs to the spiritual mind – Joy and contemplation will be directed to your heart, to the Lord Creator out of love and love for the whole universe 100% – what God created is good and beautiful so, let us take care and keep them clean.

Kundalini: the power of the serpent (spiral and coiled serpent)philosophie-4
the harmonization of this essential energy from the ether body with the electric energy and the electric unit is done through the flow of energy of the ether currents Prana, clean melts snow, ice or metal by burning the element wood. Clean water flows smoothly and energy builds. We are separated by mania, duality, greed, ignorance, envy, hatred and jealousy.
Thus the soul manages through these total transformations to reach the unique state of Shiva, Atman returns through platonic love to his state of free and winged cosmic soul in his astral House. In this state we are „one“ with the universe, both in heaven and on Earth, and this is our ultimate goal – the fulfillment of the soul both material and spiritual, The Immortal divine state in Nirvana Moksha!


Spiritual transformations:

The chakras are Nadi knots, they are wheels-circles linked two by two with each other by the secret seal of consciousness, the third eye is the secret seal, with beautiful tones, mantras, perceptible feelings and conscious experience we can easily unscrew them. Each Chakra will open harmoniously when you show harmony and confidence to the soul. The chakras open slowly through your meditation, and when you get to be in Transcendental Meditation the seal of the forehead is struck from the outside, through the third eye enters the Holy Spirit and guardian angel, and the soul will grow far beyond your body.

The 7 – 12 parts of the soul in the physical body will unite under observation and the awakening of the soul the kundalini energy will be consciousness.
Do you sometimes feel that a foreign force dwells in you, makes you soft and makes your energy difficult, your concentration is poor, you are exhausted and your soul is cold? Do you feel that your heart is like a stone, cold as a glacier, otherworldly feet, weak hands energetically, soft nails and head of another body, do you feel incomplete and separated from the feelings of the soul? Do you feel these organs don’t belong to you?….. welcome we find their place to integrate them into your animated body.

The child’s body is one with divine love in the 9 months of creation, it receives a perfectly natural body from the sacred geometric shape of the universe. Of the 4 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the fifth Spiritual element of the Cosmic Energy the ether with everything in it . The parts of the ether body belong to the universe and Creation, The Spirit has the duty and responsibility to care for and maintain it in peace and quiet for the next generation.

We receive a healthy body, with soul, spirit and consciousness, they live together harmoniously. Further throughout life it will be in our power to direct and develop these tools of Creation. The thought and conscious emotion, is the bearer of the joys.philosophie-7
No disease, no negative karma and misery, for that is exactly how we will leave and hand over the relay to The Next Generations. In us lies the spiritual work to create energy and vibration, and the negative ones to turn into conscious forms , otherwise each in turn conscious will feel guilty for the next generation for not doing enough. Each of the chain of Karma through the vibration of the soul can go out and express their joy, it is the liberation and victory of your soul, so living on Earth will be heaven.

Will take over a generation of negative oscillations of diseases and bad karma, we will have the next generation problems with sick and suffering people, life will become a burden, these people are unhappy although they will make great efforts to free themselves, but not enough, because the burden and rigidity of the mind will hinder them to listen to the heart, the doctor will prescribe drugs to stop the the interior has its own course. On this state of the road you are the one in suffering , a possibility would be that you full of confidence to put yourself in the service of the heart, so you release the soul in time. Divine Consciousness will help you, never say can not, hope is everything, the resolution comes exactly when you do not wait, when you leave everything to consciousness, when the mind no longer exists, when your name and ego no longer exists there and control takes the form of Master Lord of the senses.
Our future will be beautiful, the concerns of minds will be the satisfaction of creativity for future generations, we will know where we are going after the end of life and we will know the totalitarian Universe Ley Lines, Soul, Spirit and consciousness.