– Platonic School – personal development – International Spiritual School,orients you into realization of the soul, through the practice of the word,thought and goodwill in order to adapt well –
„The mystery of love in“ NOTHING “
The school is oriented towards – „a fusion in Nothing, to reach Everything“ through the harmony of soul and consciousness.

Welcome to the International School of Spiritual Practice!

Our spiritual practice is united with ethical and moral life. The source of life is the infinite creative Spirit. What we give ourselves down here, how to offer, how to receive and accept change, we will receive first and offer the Great Infinity with Energy, Light and Stars.lehre-1Every big journey starts with a small step and looking up, towards? Towards inside the heart and belly, where are the baby was connected with his mother through the body of the Aether!

You will learn step by step how to reach the level of consciousness by connecting the Chakras, so that you have the opportunity to reach the highest consciousness the Supreme Me – the cosmic man. You will learn how to reach the depths of the subconscious, how to enter the Subconscious and there to let the old transform.
Thus, the soul will be freed from any burden, from the experiences filmed in the subconscious with pictures and habits, all the accumulated negative energies will dissolve and transform through the awareness of Consciousness!

The suffering of thoughts and toxins poisoning the karmic venom are eliminated from the body, the potency of the pleasures of sexual energy will increase, we make sure it is our Energy and our sense, we bring it to awareness and safety, not to drip into the Earth or let it flow into a another direction, trembling, fear.
Energy flows and fields are unlocked through love „The Orgasm of the Motor Chakras Light“, the Kundalini Energy the soul force of the ether and the spiritual engine completes Everything in the Physical Body, the Energy becomes healing to you! Everything connects from the inside from the Fertile Gland through tantric pleasure (does not require sexual intercourse) to the Pineal Gland, and the Kundalini energy bands stretch, die, thaw, dissolve on the spine and expand outwards.
These transformations sometimes frighten us because we do not know them and are not familiar with the Extreme Intensive, those with the desire for living love to meet God will know HIM through these tantric experiences, because only in this way we help to expand with the soul the Spirit to one cm, one meter, one km away from the body, if the process continues and you do not stagnate, you will reach thousands of km of light outside the material body united with the Infinite.

The energy remains pure light, the electromagnetic aura divinity and power, the vapors of the Heavenly Kingdom in the Garden of Paradise, the perfume and fragrance of the Divine Spirit, you have entered the Kingdom of the Lord!lehre-2
Understanding the Mystery of love from Nothing, we will be able to reach our goal easily, free the soul from suffering and awaken the Kundalini energy, in other ancient times it was also called the Divine Fire Agni, so we return without regret to the Eternal source in the Universe, reaching the place eternal Nirvana. To feel alone, to have states of pain and suffering, does not delight anyone, because there are so many other beneficial thoughts, we can create through beautiful thoughts, a total harmony of a soul fulfilled in full love.
Zero thinking for the mind and nerves is the hardest thing, but in the Universe is Everything, zero resistance equates to a new beginning in Intelligence and energy potential without fatigue, and positive thinking will open your door automatically, change will take place harmoniously, with good health and feelings! the change of rebirth of the Spirit occurs when You have finished the karmas, and matter has dissolved, thought, word, and deed sound ONE Consciousness, zero Balance is placed in Everything – entrance into transcendental Meditation!
We offer training and education in:
1. spiritual practice – the spiritual path
2. Attention to the Spirit towards the two paths, one small Hinayana and one large Mahayana, from the Tibetan Vajrayana Practice
3. personal development, by teaching the two spiritual paths, is helpful in the process of total spiritual development. Change and transformation, Kundalini energy, sexual energy, your secret intimacy as it reaches the state of Shiva-Shakti or the transformation of the platonic organism, all these moments of transformation lead us to self-development and self-education. We will understand here about the extension of the intellect that gives us the possibility of Enlightenment.
We have several practices with levels of teaching and initiation, our desire is motivated, to build a new reflection „I am special, I am devoted to goodness, cleanliness and light“.
A new beginning, with new thoughts, new words, and a refreshed, regenerated energy that helps the FREEDOM of the soul.
The soul can be released when, Consciousness is left to take the lead, when what you think is produced and worked and duality and scattering have disappeared, then the transformation takes place in energy and light, in Meditation they become One in a Soul Blessed and Enlightened.
4. Thai- Mantra massage and various energy therapies, in collaboration with our spiritual practice:

We are born of love, not only of chemicals (pure matter), but also of energy, thoughts and emotions. Today, people in these turbulent times, need relaxation and physical touch, hands to bring relief.
Just as hands are good for creative use everywhere, housekeepers, there are healing hands, as well as those of Jesus of Nazareth. The energy and light of the hands acquire the vector electromagnetic force and can penetrate through the body of matter, penetrate the muscles, touch and strengthen the immune system, heal it, balance the chemical and physical processes in the body, reach the skeleton. The Cosmic Egg stretches it, lifts it from the ground, lightens the energy cups, spreads its wings, unties Karmic nodes on the body of Ether, opens the walls of Prana vital energy – Meridians and communicates with the Heart. Regarding the healing fire – sexual energy is not only a present sense or desire, but She is a geometric vector that connects and communicates through body spirit and soul, so that Everything exists in us, the way of healing, enlightenment and relaxation through good balanced activity of the mind as an instrument of thought (Mantra from Hindu philosophy) and of the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal / Wood).