Spiritual practices at your invitation and organization, because you want change through light, cleanliness and full will.

You are on the road, you are a search for soul and spiritual fulfillment,
are you looking for something new in the evolution of your life, do you have suspicious experiences and discoveries, do you have spiritual revelations, and do not know how to take care of them , to explain them to yourself? then you traveled well here-Welcome !! Nothing is impossible, everything is possible, nothing is accidental, it happens, to discover, and unravel secrets hidden in the mystery of love!
It is possible that in these courses you will find what you want for body, soul and Spirit , I am glad to hear you !

„Light Pranayama“
Chakra Activation-Mantra-Meditation

Physical training with Yoga and spirituality exercises for a normal and healthy spiritual evolution “ healthy mind in a healthy body“

In a few practical courses of 3 and 7 days we will learn how to reach the mystery of love, the work of your living temple- preparing for your meeting with the Lord / Lady of the heart, will be the victory of your not weigh, not enslaved soul!lectii-platonice-6

Spiritual practical courses are:

1) three-day course – how to open our mind’s eye, how to draw the third eye – the Shiva eye of divination and spiritual vision
2) three-day course-light Pranayama 1/2, Yoga exercise and Mantra-Mantra means the singing of nature and cosmological sound – through this singing, we draw a luminous body, an instrument from the Universe, has a medicinal effect, calms the spirit and sets in motion the 5 elements, (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal / wood)
3) 7 days Chakra activation course, in which we will learn how to work on unlocks and how to open our channels the energetic and geometric platonic system of the self, the inner universe, towards a good knowledge and evolution both material and spiritual, without confusion, without illusions
4) three-day course – how we contemplate – how we meditate-Samadhi Meditation (Consciousness)
5) three-day course – how we meditate tantric / platonic, Tantra means, stretching the connective tissue and joining all wrists, United with all soul parts in a whole body „physical, Ether and Astral“ reaching the Supreme Consciousness-Platonic means to be devoted to Divine love without expectations, unites the points of Prana channels and geometric angles, determines the state of the fulfilled soul.lectii-platonice-4
– to grow the fire of love Agni in the middle of the belly, then to stretch and flow on the meridians. This meditation will lead to the dissolution of carmic substances related to the matter of the body „child“ – finding material fulfillment, the search for spiritual fulfillment becomes much easier, without brakes or hindrances, intuition increases and life becomes pleasure! From the pleasure created, the kundalini energy, the inner snake force = the inner wind force, together with its geometric vector bands Prana is pushed on fields of light by cold and warm currents, charged electromagnetically, will pass beautiful and flowing, so the Goddess of light and knowledge“ Kundalini “ arrived from Sakral to the pineal gland will take care of protecting the Garden Country – The Garden of the inner Paradise.
– how we live consciously beyond the mind without control and duality, sweet and bitter, sadness and joy, hatred and love, ecstasy and destruction: we activate Intuition in the sense of the reincarnated body, the „Cosmic Egg“ – we can feel the difference, between the karmic substance and Prana vital energy.
– how we feel the state of the intimate, subtle and sublime body in Breath, taste, touch, sight, hearing, in a „nothing become whole“ – the rejection and stopping of cravings, illusions and attachments – you return with your face to yourself, see yourself and observe yourself in your own mirror „soul“! we eliminate the state of being possessive and jealous, in understanding and the reign of the soul
6) Special: meditation and contemplation course to the Kundalini Goddess “ fire of love Agni – – how we welcome sexual energy when it is present
7) Special: meditation and contemplation course at the 7 eyes, paths and channels of the energy of the Mother Country Of Heaven and Earth
8) Special: meditation and contemplation course at the 4 wheels and the 6 pairs of wings, through their union we become united with Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim, consciousness will lead you through These Wings to the constellations of Heaven
9) mediation course contemplation to the Lord / Lady of the heart
10) Sanziene Meditation
11) meditation on stars and planets
12) Sun and moon meditation

Light Pranayama in Yogic philosophy means:

„The reunion of the mental spirit with the soul of the body“ and it is based on breathing techniques such as inspiration, the retention of inspiration and exhalation that cleans like a filter and sets in motion the circulation of blood – the power of life – through the networks and cords of the energetic channels of prana (nadi), as well as the Through these techniques we will also activate cosmic energy, with the help of the 5 elements: Earth. Water, Fire, Air, Metal and Spirit.

„Prana“ vital energy, explanation-
How hard it is for us to explain the Godhead, how hard it is to talk about Prana, because Prana is „everything“, it is the energy in the universe that can enter everywhere.

lectii-platonice-2Is breathing, it is soul, it is spirituality, it is subtle feeling, it is sexual and cosmic feeling. All that vibrates is Prana, physical energy such as hot, cold, light, magnetism, gravity and electricity, momentum, effort, power, courage, Sargent, life and spirit are also forms of Prana.
Prana is the power of the life cycle of the soul through which everything is mediated , energy, creation, maintenance and destruction. Prana itself becomes consciousness resembling the“ atma – soul “ cosmic man. With Prana we are born and with Prana we live, it is the universal energy of knowledge and it is the thread – axis of the circle of life.
In the circle of life there is a reason, that you are united with life, life being neutral, it has no female or male sex, „she is“, only the energy of the soul’s DNA matter distinguishes us, through the voluntary attraction „to be“ and we receive from the universe what is necessary for us in evolution, man, woman, animal, insect or plant. „Atma-soul“ COSMIC man goes through“ everything “ and leaves the information.
Atman-the soul passes through the life of the sun, clouds, plains, mountains and through all matter, he is „to be“ or „not to be“ . He is THE cosmic man, he is the source of knowledge, and yogis and Yogins seek to maintain their „Prana self“ as clean as possible. This is how they come to spiritual fulfillment and, if they come back to life again, it happens because they have a reason and that is to help others to come to fulfillment, both in material and spiritual evolution, as Plato has said.

„I know I know what I know, but I don’t know what I know“

and Pythagorean mathematicians, headed by Aristotle, descendants of Plato, carried forward the development and evolution of man. As in heaven and on Earth Live whole and fulfilled souls, for they communicate with the universe – Divinity.

The first program contains:

1) Pranayama opening of the heart and mind to the practice of cleansing- “ to learn the new and voluntarily let the old“
Through these Pranayama breathing techniques, we will learn to open, easily and consciously, the potential of the energy channels of the self – the Kundalini energy Force also called the „astral ether body“ the divine cosmic energy with the three great channels Ida, Pingla and Sushumna.
Through these three channels channels flows and communicates Prana: lectii-platonice-5lessons-platonic-5
– the soul, with the emotions of the heart, through thought, mind and voice – “ the tone“
– the spirit, through the backbone of the central nervous and vegetative system – the information „Supreme Consciousness“, connected to the belly cord – life-this is the „Middle balance“ that we need to transform negative energy into positive, the old into the new
– the thought of that didn’t give us the silence, poison , and the injuries that can wound every day: I’m not good enough, not pretty/handsome enough, I’m not your girlfriend or your loved one the way I want it, I don’t have success in a business, attract the fights, I’m spinning in a circle, and I don’t know how to get out, I don’t get along with my parents, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, etc., all what you think in the negative, will create the poison of the liver and the pancreas, the the energy blocks in the body, and we are going to turn you through the techniques of breath Exercises,
We will cleanse the ether body for a good function, both of the physical and physical bodily procedures, as well as the spiritual ones of: the chain of the distant past, previous lives, toxic and cold karmic place, weight, gases and toxins.
We will put in motion good rhythmic circulation of blood , we will clean the lungs, the lymphatic filtration system, the vegetative system and the nerve center, then we will consciously let “ be “ healthy, intelligent, vision, harmony and friendship between soul (heart) and spirit (mind)
„Being“ free of unconsciousness, nervousness, stupidity, aggression, sacrifice, guilt, hurt, filthiness or spiritual blindness. We will seek the understanding of the soul that unites us with the mind, thought and then with the mystery Divinity and mystery of love!

2) Tara Mantra and Ganesha Mantra
Explanation of the mantra:
Mantra means tool of thought-it helps us that the energy becomes clean, we learn to understand the mind and thought, to focus it in one direction, to let the mind develop into a structure of thought, every thought, every thought in his house, lectii-platonice-3the mind will reach the level of „consciousness – the Third Eye – The Eye of the mind“ – to know the difference, when it is bad and when it is good , the difference between knowing and knowing.
When we have an idea, singing a Mantra, we will attract a heavenly body and together we will materialize it. Only through silence and gentleness will we be able to attract these heavenly bodies. The Mantra is recited correctly to have the desired effect!
Tara Mantra is the Mantra that connects us with Mother Earth and mother celestial „12 stars“, will neutralize negative energies . We will succeed, through hard work, mental, physical and spiritual effort, that the cosmic prana energy flows first in the 4 cardinal directions, without obstacles, so the country energy of the subtle sense can unite the 4 elements with the spirit-your Star!
To stop the obstacles hindering our evolution, we will turn to the Ganesha Mantra, The Elephant Power Energy Mantra!

3) hike to the 7 Springs, we will follow a treatment with living water from the spring, whose PH is 7.43. Free of bacteria, this water is pure life.
4) hiking to Ialomicioara cave, elephant Cemetery, Lady’s waterfall, Decebal Plateau, Babele and Sphinx.