Short explanation:

Kundalini energy is responsible and soul-bearing, has electromagnetic charge, drives Prana, currents of breast milk, water and air vital energy. Kundalini energy the fire of Agni and The Force of Prana with the breathed air together become the strong inner and caring wind, it is the vector that oscillates the electromagnetic fields in all directions and covers the entire Ether body

Toxic air, negative mental states, nervousness, laziness, lying, passivity, attachments, convenience, gluttony, delusion, boredom and agitation prevent the soul from growing and elevating to consciousness, because the kundalini energy is on a low frequency and the mind does not have enough attention to know the present time – the mind is not educated in meditation

The air everywhere in the universe is driven by a force that creates the wind, forms and brings the seasons, grows crops, flows waters and fruits bear fruit, is the creation of the spirit of nature. Another force in the air is the one that hits, blows, cuts, swirls, storms and thunder, Destroys to renew. This force in the air is charged electromagnetically that attracts, appears, disappears, discharges and everything turns.
The nature and nature of man is to know and master Mother Nature with everything she is given to know. The nature of the inner wind in man is the nature and the thrill of joy at the sense of the Holy Spirit when it descends upon it. Man through gratitude receives wings of wind through the Lord Of The Heart. Through ignorance, passivity and indifference we remain at the low energy scale in evolution, it depends on us how we form and consciously let the kundalini energy where to flow and how to grow.

….. The lily flower has its roots deep in the waters of the lake/swamp, a force grows it raises it and blooms it with many petals, smells beautiful, or has no smell, but grows in the root of the center of its STEM, as well as the energy of the Holy Spirit when it appears beautiful and slides in the center of your heart, it we understand the Kundalini energies and the country is like this: on the settled Earth is rooted seed with STEM and flower, so all the parts are one, aided by the magnetic force from below that pushes it or a magnetic force from above that lifts it, grows and fructifies. There can not be a lily flower and stem without a calm water. Kundalini energy is the ether element, it is the energetic skeleton of Man and can penetrate everywhere in the universe, and the consciousness of the country will give it the necessary light to grow and bear fruit in Infinite Forms.
The energy of the Kundalini energy will rise up into the invisible, by the power Of the Conscience , for you have been a Watcher with you to your senses you’ve been in the center of your Consciousness, you were leaning on the pole of the ages your Spine, you’re left wanting and you’re in league with the necessity of the inner child, and lose it All in this consciousness.
He Holy Spirit does not belong to matter, but lives in a physical chemical and soul body, its roots are down to the Sacral body-the chakras of Muladhara Swadhisthana and Manipura. When consciousness appears, the mind has light and fulfillment, both material, soul and sexual, develops its senses and, Masters them, only then will the kundalini energy awaken through that spiritual force the ball of the Earth wheel and the time of life. With this new force the transformation of kundalini energy will open everything in the body. The bile – the cosmic egg or the divine point will strike strongly in the seal the chakras will ascend to the Sahasrara, will encompass all the Prana energy pathways inside, will stretch and create luminous closed space for the Soul-the ether body, here we are in the total transformation of Kundalini energy with many electrical resistances, the bile energy of the cosmic egg will be flowing and will be located at the spleen. Sometimes Yin und Yang will appear for changes of currents and thoughts, they will always be necessary.

The United consciousness builds and prepares the soul for exaltation to exaltation. It rises, is electromagnetic and is attracted by Astral Power.
The first consciousness in the Muladhara Root will guide her „bride Kundalini Goddess of the Great and beautiful soul“, full of compassion through the warm, gentle loving and blessed heart to the mind I-His Divine Spirit/Spirit, the seventh consciousness.
Kundalini as the force of the mystery Love, raises his energy trunk with his soul inboculated to the Blessed flowering of the spirit and not an ordinary flower, now the Soul will never find out what thirst and wilting , three equal energies together joined to the fourth Energy,-Supreme Consciousness – root, trunk and flower to the Light – mind as spirit, heart as emotion, spirit and the vertebral rises and touches the transcendent Samadhi – Zen meditation – Enlightenment, the uplifting of the whole soul to its place in the Astral, is the spiritual home and energetic recharge of the enlarged soul !

It is not necessary to force the awakening of kundalini energy through unconscious actions, it can cause death, we can be frightened and shocks lead to energy blockage, spirituality is practiced with a conscious gentle heart, it is a long and infinite process of transformations, the time will come for the awakening of kundalini energy, because then you have a strong physical body
TARA and KUNDALINI in the inflated body …

Tara is also called the mother of Earth and heaven, it is also the power of weakness, femininity, it is the Holy Garden of our inner paradise of the 7 Chakras, it is the intimate and subtle consciences, only beyond the thought of the mind we will find the greatest sensitivity of the soul in our personal development with love. Stand out of the Subconscious, we can self-improvement to get to the bottom of the interior of the Major Chakras, „the Kingdom of God’s sake – Nirvana – Mokscha“ when the Mirror to break and there ain’t nothin ‚ out of ME , so You’re soul alone and naked to the Divine, you are on the Path to the Supreme Consciousness, with no fear of anything, and no one will be the feelings and experiences of the pleasant in the real world, without confusion, and delusions. You will experience that: the thought of the mind is Illusion, but consciousness lies and there is presence.

Kundalini energy is the force of Prana, which when it awakens, strikes in each Chakra and raises them all to the level of Shakti consciousness. Kundalini is the vector and motor of the Supreme Consciousness, in subtlety it is the goddess and the fire of the soul, all prana energy points together and flowing on the subtle fields of consciousness Chakras Tara. Kundalini and Tara are the subtle body ether, the luminous body Aura = The Kingdom Of Heaven, the expansion of the living and luminous body will be with Infinity.

By breathing techniques light Pranayama will help the mind and matter to cleanse the soul of the wings and the fire of love from the heart. It will bring the soul to growth and elevation, to understanding and perceiving the spirit.We will accumulate from infinite points with electromagnetic particles, crystals and light, breath and spiritual information, sexuality, cold and hot fields, electricity and cosmological electric dampf. The more Prana we accumulate on the meridians the more we will grow in personal development and activity, the more the strength of harmonic kundalini energy will increase, the flow and ebb of the inner yin-Yang energy become balanced, a good change is set in motion on the steps of experiences and experiences.

Everything is in the air, the important thing is to carefully sit there. We need to have courage, to take our own time, God exists everywhere present, not in the past not in the future, everything is in the water and in the air, how we serve depends on our will and the influence of the environment in which we live.
By opening the seals of the great channels (Nadi) of the Chakras, we will find the Kingdom of the Tara flowers in the Garden Of Paradise.
Chakras are motors producing and generating electric current, we will feel pulses and vibrations on the electromagnetic fields of the Chakras. From the inside the soul expands and will vibrate only through the Kundalini force, it will expand, it will expand from the inside to the outside , so by expanding the energetic chords of the Kundalini trunk, the soul gains unlimited space in the Inner Universe, the energetic chord called meridian or prana is light, uninterrupted and unfastened only elastic. The soul will receive the information and activity of consciousness, thought present creatively good and spiritually healthy.
Then the development will go much deeper into self-sympathy, subtlety and spirituality. You will feel the intellectual, intuitive spiritual and special fragrance of open Chakras. The kundalini energy forms and takes the form of the consciousness of the most high soul, transformed from the inside to the outside by opening the third eye. Like a Lotus flower, like a tree with inrodite branches, like a flame of burning fire that grows and appears, you will feel the smell and Air specific to him, the most high soul, thought transformed into conscious activities embodied in consciousness and truth.

Another beautiful development through the „Tara and Kundalini“ are the five channels with its invisible eyes in Buddhism – the Aura in the hands, feet and head – mother of all Buddha
These invisible eye channels in Buddhism, are presented as subtle Divine energies Flowers Country, they let the kundalini energy to flow in the Cross and the Holy star, has two sides that overlap and secures the soul to no longer attract negative energy, both inside and outside, Kundalini neutralizes negative energy by changing magnetic poles, everything is transformed and life becomes conscious.
Now the thought of the conscious spirit will close its first Muladhara Chakra so that the inner kundalini energy can flow in all directions harmoniously, then with the power of“ fire “ through a conscious time process, it merges with the whole soul and fulfills it, both material and spiritual.
On the middle of the heart are six special triangles, the energy channel and the sacred cup of divine fire healing Chakra Anahat Green Country-Venus, here is the total love of what God has created – together with the Kundalini force sets in motion the spiritual motor of the Anahat Chakra in 12 dimensional angles. She Green Tara rises with the quality of the soul to the rank of Crown of Lights, 12 stars – 12 seeds senses.
After many experiences and experiences of the Karma without clinging and clinging, the soul comes out of the axis of the carmic ring the teacher of life Saturn, defeats the 7 years, 7 Days, 7 Weeks, 7 months, 7 hours conscious or unconscious, the platonic geometric body and luminous pole of the Supreme Consciousness is the Victory Chanel.
Who knows how they were slaughtered, bellies, hands, feet and heads, how many people have undergone alchemy experiments or have been wounded in the wars of the past, the time has come for man to become aware of the incorporation of locks and prana nodes on electromagnetic fields suffered by violent transformations, fractures , deceptions, delusions of thought, negative thinking, emotional mental states and toxic experiences. At the level of subtlety God is a just and good tailor, he gave the body all of it, sees, thinks, intuits and feels, the trust of man is lacking when he attaches himself to matter and lets himself be carried away by instinct, or executes like a soldier for matter.
This can accumulate an eternal state of pain and suffering, when we do not live under observation, attention and discipline
– living Ethik and Moral „Dharma“ change the old with the new in good condition: that is, we can prevent the genetic repetition of rebirths with the same destiny-Instinct the same fate , conscious the subconscious will accumulate, will photograph and save what you conscious soul with the mind Daily give it, so the change takes place on a path with positive thinking and

In the midst of kundalini energy is the spiritual scent of all 7 Tara flowers, Buddhist theology has discovered 21 Tara flowers, subtle feminine energy with divine feel. If we divide 7 deep senses of the universe oriented towards the 3 angles are 21 Tara consciousness-senses subtle heads deep and intimate, are the depths of the subconscious at which subtlety sees so clearly, creates and acts Harmonic as :
health, elk, balance, vector, personality, power, sensation, wings, and branches of the tree of consciousness-knowledge, ideas, and vision.
Kundalini is the power of the inner snake of the heart, The Force of the air the inner pranic wind that oversees and sets in motion all the macrocosm, it is the support of the soul that leads and carries its soul to freedom and inner peace.
To live in light and knowledge is a precious Grace, without this grace we remain at the simple soul that lives under the umbrella of an instinct.
From feelings thoughts and inner senses, power and weakness are connected together, develop from the inside to the center of the zero balance and will tend to expand to the infinite outer height, so all love and love will culminate in the „Dakini heavenly dance, entry into the state of the Supreme Consciousness of the universe“ no one knows its place, it can be,
Dakini is the feminine sexual energy of the dancers of the infinite universe, is heard to the Vajrayoginī tantrik condition , it is the first luminous celestial body, and the first invisible vehicle of the seven transcendent cosmic vehicles.

Kundalini energy is the stem of the flowers, Tara are the petal flowers of the Garden Of Paradise equal to the Kingdom of light heaven. On each flower of the Chakra there is a different number of petals with specific geometric energy size, each has a point, a stretched energy field, a Pranic channel a color and an energy pulse.

All the energy of compassion and giving unconditional love on the left Ida channel and the Earth, on the right Pingla channel and mind, will communicate through the Sushumna channel the spine Consciousness The Star, the vegetative peripheral nerves and the nerve centers of the small brain and the big brain are on the zero Hz frequency, in zero thought meditation the mind is.
The heartbeat is 60Hz per minute, to enter the Kingdom of the heart Transcendental Meditation, it takes zero Hz and zero polarity, all resistance with intensity and density of thoughts is now immersed in the sense of the soul-great attention to upset, when you do not meditate, better do cleaning, sing, dance, walk in nature, boxing, martial arts, sports movement, Yoga
Everything unites through the communication of DNA cells and the vibration of the soul. Prana points are joined in the meridians through the wormholes on the inside and outside.

New information is gathered, then the radioactive waves of the joints include electromagnetic fields that form and close the AURA. The cut of the Holy Spirit is made, the coat-cloak of the simple soul is clothing of cosmic Mercurian Metallic Light, which now protects its blessed Cosmic soul. Arriving together Heaven and Earth-Spirit thought soul feel, embraces consciousness to the state of spiritual fulfillment. Prana the vital energy becomes the light leathery wind, pleasure, the buttery breeze of the whole ethereal body, encompassing the feet hands and head, forming the reintegration of the soul „a happy whole“, you will know and consciousness supremacy on the vehicle, all in their time.

There is no whole living flower with six petals up and six down. There is no whole tree trunk without branches, there is no whole body without head, without hands or without legs, so each one through his sense of consciousness with certainty intuition and unity will lead him to the crown of the Supreme Chakra „Brahmarandra“ . From there he will be inspired with 12 to 1000 lotus petals = infinite new ideas from the Holy Spirit, every thought, word and deed will be a surprise that will not resemble that of yesterday and the day before yesterday, will be a grace and a gift from the universe,
Integrating through consciousness thoughts action and feelings, we automatically give up male power and female weakness, in us becomes unity, the sacred energy of kundalini energy, the origin from which you were born, here your baggage with information and the vector point from which the pyramid can be created. The more subtle is the first vehicle, it carries the three roots, the three energy cords with Prana that depart from Muladhara the unique and special transformation has taken place according to the will of your heart, back to the Eternal Sacred consciousness!

That spiritual Flower of the mind that you dreamed of and meditated on in patience and love, now has its sacred fragrance, it flows from the root with the stem to the Lotus flower in the waters of the Earth, it comes out on the waves of the wind in the fresh and enlightened air.
In everyday life the unconscious and ignorant man lives within limits by thought and deed, dual and uncertain, attached, undecided and scattered by The Force of matter, false thinking and orientation. Only when he reaches the wheel of life, The Ring of the universe and the circle of Karma, will he become aware of the state of the soul. Only then will he give up the old:
programming, epilepsy, deceit, greed, vices, jealousy, quarrel, emotions, fear, illness, confusion then we will seek God by the understanding of collecting good deeds , good thoughts and words, finding and looking for beauty in them, without duality, remaining on the scale of neutrality, not too much joy, not too much anger.

Now we want understanding, perception, happiness and replacing the old with the new. This Is Our goal of teaching in the Platonic school , to obtain the juice of happiness , the cosmic milk, the soul to breathe fresh air and the Motor Spirit to set in motion the joy of the inner child to live in harmony with nature, with the family and the entire universe in freedom and health, „as in heaven so on Earth“ – „What God has united Man do not separate“
The goddess Kundalini will wear you, and you will choose what you want to be, and what you do not want to be with the soul!

The power of the snake Kundalini the gardener of spirit and soul in Subtle Love Garden Country,
energy of compassion-spiritual transformation
The gardener needs a garden -soul and Spirit – Water and fire
The garden needs care-intuition and feeling – contemplation and devotion
Flowers need gardener-the mind of the spirit is the love of the Soul „Lord / Lady of the heart“ living under attention and observation 24 hours
Energy is connected to the water of the Universe The Moon Channel and the fire Agni Love Supreme heat, The Sun Channel-The Country Garden will exude pleasant sensations, and an inner fragrance specific to the Supreme Soul, the Kundalini Gardener The Garden force will keep Love Fire and water in balance when mind and heart will allow it, to be on (zero thoughts zero emotions)

Kundalini energy rises on the middle path of the Country Garden in the form of“ the Tree of knowledge – the fruits of consciousness „takes care of the left and Right Wings“ soul and spirit “ of the blossoming flowers of consciousness, grows and raises its inner intimate sensations. He cares for the fruits of Love Tara, all consciousness, looks, absorbs and blesses through the seven eyes-two at the bridge of the palm , two at the feet, two at the forehead and the Middle eye three eye of the mind

When Kundalini unites his 6 pairs of wings of the ether body, from the universe he will receive much more extended cherubic wind wings, with them he can travel through Infinity – he will take forms of unseen energy from the constellation Dragon, Angel and light from the constellation of stars, protector of the consciousness of fruits, umbrella and roof of Souls flowers, emerald beads of there is infinite consciousness here!

Another form of kundalini energy are the four wheels and four spirals of time, flowing sideways on the shins and hips , up to the shoulders. Lateral spirals are born, a strong Vortex in strength and energy is born. It spreads through the sacral middle embraces its heart, rises and unites with the energy fields of the ears. There it raises its energy like two propellers as in the helicopter, the understanding and perception of infinite love lengthens uninterrupted and passes through the Pineal Gland. Here we are in the state of Samadhi „Supreme Consciousness“ or „Zen meditation“ that determines us to be the Supreme Being, Cosmic man rises to his star in place of his „State Of Shiva“ – “ Nirvana“
Kundalini energy is divine and infinite, while the matter of old programmed ideas and thoughts are limited in evolution and development of happy living, but through consciousness, all the soul madules of a life or more lives will unite the Kundalini force, each madular with his will, experience and living.

The soul through the help of kundalini energy United with the sense of sexual love Tantra, orgasm and ecstasy will be reborn again but, from the Holy Spirit, The Spirit will dress his body instilled with the 12 senses, 12 consciences and will be crowned with the 12 cosmic stars. Happy will be children born of people with Holy Spirit, from the hot orgasm of the Tantric Holy fire, because they managed to be reborn from the Holy Spirit, and melted the Karma of matter!

The soul has the heart and femininity left side.
The soul is a Funk of the understanding of totality , it is connected to the channel of the moon fertility and menstruation, it attracts: energies, the inertia of the earth water and magnet, weaknesses, hatred, passivity, relaxation and has the understanding of the activity of thought, sometimes the heart can be blocked and locked, it can be like stone, it can have pain, sensitive!
The mind of the spirit has the thought on the right side male energy activity and perception of consciousness, understanding of thought and soul. The mind embodied in sunlight, fire, Love, Power, activity and enthusiasm. The mind is sensitive to the understanding of the attraction of magnetism and the perception of the soul, the interior of the heart, rigidity and stubbornness give the fork of the mind.
Spine central and vegetative nerves carry consciousness and information of the universe, in the zero Ohm state everything becomes a whole blessed soul, Spirit and mind a consciousness

Being in the physical body both the mind as spirit and the heart as soul, it remains only to calm the nerves of the first Muladhara consciousness, both lower Sacral and upper Pineal. It is the kundalini energy that carries the transition of the state of the soul from one dimension to another. Offer and receive from the bowl of offers, you have filled it with good, everything turns into self-fulfillment!

Kundalini will soften the fragrance in the Garden Of Paradise Tara-Kundalini will be the light (Buddha) of the cosmic Heavenly Kingdom, they will take the status of Heavenly Mother and father, for fallen souls and for fallen gods angels in blind battles for power and deceit.
Through these spiritual experiences, you are THE Cosmic man, the infinite instrument of God the universe, you no longer belong to this lower world, you no longer belong to the low energy, but you are one united with the six points through the Trinity, each point has an angle, two, or three angles from where the face watches and moves tripled, quadrangular, hexagonal,multidimensional, like an, You are your guardian angel in the eternal watch and of others, to keep eternal happiness from thieves, ghosts and vampires .
You are peace, tranquility, purity, happiness and eternal freedom, your fields exude warmth and understanding, you become a healer through intelligence and vision spiritual touches. Remote sightings are done without physical body, only through the ether and Astral Body! You are the absorption of evil and its transformation into consciousness, good and beautiful.

You well in God and God in you, the universe follows You Everywhere, your energy is your existence and Nirvana presence, it is the total transformation of your soul and spirit, the inspiration of the universe will make your future pleasant!
The world changes through your attitude towards the occupation and function you own, the place and the environment in which you live. Do not limit yourself in anything so as not to be spiritually blind, the rise will be slow perhaps, but you will gain light with full understanding and directed towards joy, leave suffering and embrace joy !